Jacalin Coated Surfaces

The Biomat product is a 96 well coated microplate with Jacalin and a surfactant to block non-specific binding sites and to maintain stable activity.

Jacalin, belonging to the lectins family, is a tetrameric ( MW 40.000 ) carbohydrate-binding protein isolated from the seeds of jack fruit Artrocarpus integrifolia agglutinin. It is well known that lectins have been used extensively for the isolation of glycol-conjugates and glycoproteins with specific carbohydrate structures.

Jacalin shows specific affinity for molecules containing non reducing α-D-galactosyl groups, usually present in the biochemical structure of IgA1 and cell membranes.

Example of applications:

·                 Human IgA1 specific binding, sterically oriented

·                 Purification of human immunoglobulins (especially IgA1)

·                 Separation of immunocomplexes antigen-antibody

·                 Separation of  IgA1 from contaminants

·                 Stimulation of T-cells


Lots are tested and certified for

·          Uniformity

·          Binding specificity

·          Reproducibility


Product specifications


Individually pouched 96-well microplates, configured in 12 removable 8-well strips or solid format


Jacalin ( mol. Weight 40  kDa ) , from the seeds of jack fruit Artrocarpus integrifolia, is coated using 100 µl/well. The strips are post-coated ( blocked ) for low non specific binding and long-term stability.

Binding capacity

The Biomat Jacalin microplate shows  a nominal binding capacity of ~  4  pmol IgA/well.


The Biomat Jacalin microplate shows  a sensitivity of  0.0161 µg/ml ( 1.61 ng/well ) of human IgA.


Microplates show a CV% less than 5 when used as a catcher of biotinylated human IgA in an ELISA format using streptavidin-HRP as detector and TMB as substrate.

Storage and Stability

The microplates, if unopened, are stable refrigerated until the expiration date printed on the label. If opened, store in closed pouch with dessicant and use within the expiration date.

96 well microplates

Material: Polystyrene
Quantity per pack: 1 - Quantity per case: 50 or 100

1x8 flat bottom wells strips on 12 x 8 frame

1x8 flat bottom wells breakable strips on single well holding frame

96 wells plate - flat bottom

12x75 mm Tubes

Material: Polystyrene
Quantity per pack: 20 - Quantity per case: 1000 - 2000

Color Code
Clear TS 127510-JAC