TMB Substrates

Ready-to-use aqueous solution, highly stable and highly sensitive


TMB Substrates are ready to use for ELISA detection. Reaction between the substrate and immobilized horseradish peroxidise ( HRP ) conjugated to a specific protein in the ELISA wells produces a blue coloured solution. Colour intensity and development time will vary depending on assay sensitivity and conditions. After reaching the desired colour intensity, the reaction is terminated by addition of a low acid stop solution which changes the solution colour from blue to yellow. Reading is then made at 450 nm, the solution is stable up to one hour.

For kinetic assays, the TMB chromogen is read directly at 650 nm.

Biomatoffers 2 types of TMB products:

-       TMB MXS ( maximal stability)

-       TMB HS    ( high sensitivity)


That  combine TMB (3,3’,5,5’-tetramethylbenzidine), buffer and hydrogen peroxide ( H2O2 ) for a ready-to-use chromogenic system with no requirements for harmful labelling.


Plate Post Coating - Blocking & Stabilizing Buffer

BlockerWell - A parallel well blocker and stabilizer for ELISA Plates.

The BlockerWell maintains and protects the conformation and activity of dried proteins and other biomolecules coated on plate wells to prevent degradation, denaturation and leaching, while simultaneously blocks any free binding sites left on the surface to reduce non-specific binding.

The reagent is added to the coated wells after the incubation step without any need of washing steps

It is a non protein buffer


HRP-Stabilizing Buffer

BiomatConjugate Stabilizing Buffer is a long-term stabilizer for horseradish peroxidase    ( HRP ) conjugates, used in Colorimetric and Chemiluminescent  based assays such as ELISA, Western Blotting and IHC.

Biomat buffer is a ready-to-use  and robust diluent offering superior stabilization of proteins conjugated to HRP preventing the loss of enzyme activity and maintaining the protein molecular conformation