Frames for microplates


Product Code

FR 2



8 X 12 frame

8 X 12 frame with grid single well holding

Raw Material

white polypropylene (PP) + glass fiber

Contains : antistatic

white acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS )

Contains : antistatic

Average weight gr

14,25 ± 0,2

17.78 ± 0.2

The moulded product is safe by the physiological aspect  according to the producer information

Code Description Quantity per case
FR 2 frame 12 x 8 200
FRG 2 single well holding frame 200

Barrier Bags

Aluminum barriers pouches for microplates


  • Opaque Barrier Film
  • Inner Layer complies to food and pharmaceutical regulations (FDA 21 CFR177 1520)
  • Re-sealable by zip closure
  • Notches make easy opening
  • Size mm 135 x 210 fits to every type of standard size microplate
Typical Composition:
12 micron PET (Polyester) Bonding Layer
8 micron Aluminum Foil Bonding Layer
100 micron Clear LLDPE Film


Code Description Quantity per case
AB rs Aluminium Barrier bags for microplates Re-sealable cm 135x210 12 µm PET 8 µm Al Foil 100 µm LLDPE Film 1500

Silica Gel

Desiccant bags 5 grams
Composition White Silica Gel 80%
Brown Silica Gel 20% (indicator)
Material of bags TNT
Dimensions cm 9 x 4
Code Description Quantity per case
SG 5 5 grams silica desiccating gel TNT bags 1500

Strip Remover

Strip remover is a tool particularly useful in laboratory that helps to remove the strips of a microplate from their holder.



Code Description Quantity per case
SR-8 A simple device to help the user in removing the breakable strips from their frame 1000