Plasma applications

Depending upon the type of gas or vapour that is employed in the plasma process it is possible to obtain different effects:

Plasma of different gases show different colours

One of the most used applications of the COLD PLASMA technology is the modification of the wettability of the polymers. Polymers usually show an unwettable surface (contact angle > 90°).

This property means that, whenever we need to have a good adhesion of anything to the surface, we encounter a poor response and we need to treat the surface in order to have an acceptable behaviour. Examples of application where a good wettability is important are, for example:

Since every type of polymer shows different properties, the treatment must be studied and applied for the specific material, previously taking into consideration such features as :

and therefore applying to the process the specific parameters:


and, after the treatment, testing the treated parts for

and cooperating with the user in order to find the best treatment both for technical and economical features.

biomat studies, develops and applies surface treatments with its plasma reactor installed in its facility.

Contact angle with water

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