26 June 2017

ISO 9001:2015

We are happy to share that on May 3,2017  we renewed our ISO certificate with the new ISO 9001:2015 norm

you can find our certificate at CERTIFICATE ISO 9001-2015.pdf

11 May 2017

ELISA buffers and reagents

New line of products! Biomat added to its offer of products a complete line of reagents and buffers for ELISA developement and manufacturing

05 February 2017

Secondary antibody coated plates

Now available two new coated 96 well plates: goat anti mouse IgG Fcγ ( subclasses 1+2a+2b+3 ) and goat anti rabbit IgG Fc .

These plates are ideal for binding assays when available antibodies are in low quantities or they denature and become inactive upon direct adsorption  to polystyrene plates

12 November 2015


After more than 20 years in which our logo emphasized the plasma glow light, we have a completely new one 


28 July 2015

Approved Exporter to Korea

Biomat srl was appointed as Approved Exporter to Korea by the Italian Custom.

Under the Free Trade Agreement between EU and South Korea this will enable our Korean customers to import products  avoiding custom fees.

29 April 2015

Protein A - Protein G - Protein A/G coated PCR tubes

New product! we added to our line of products the PCR protein A-G and A/G coated tubes

14 July 2014

strip remover with your own logo

the strip remover is a tool particularly useful in the laboratory that helps to remove the strips of a microplate from their holder

it can be marked with your own logo helping the user to remember you

14 July 2014

Streptavidin-coated PCR Tubes (strips)

The new Streptavidin coated PCR tubes (strips) have a coated area of 100 ul


03 November 2013

Maleimide coated surface

biomat has completed its tests and offer the new surface maleimide coated on 96 well format , solid and strip 

The coating level is 100 ul and it is preblocked to reduce non specific binding

16 September 2013

new surfaces under developement

Biomat is developing two new surfaces:

  • maleimide 
  • hydrazide 


26 July 2011

New products

New products added
NeutravidinTM Coated Microplates

New production capability added
In order to better satisfy the growing request of coated surfaces, we added automatic coating equipments and storage capacity to our coating lines

01 August 2009

New Patented multiple ELISA system for on-site analyses

Biomat, after cooperating in the development of the project, acquired the license (for the range time 2009 - 2015) of an on-site multiple ELISA system concerning the device production and commercialization aimed to research purpose only.

The system has a large potential application for on-site analyses in such fields as
  • livestock controls
  • crop controls
  • POC e.g. in sport competitions

For detailed information, please, contact us

15 May 2009

ISO 9001-2008 ISO Certification

Biomat upgraded its ISO 9001-2000 quality certification to the latest ISO 9001-2008

05 June 2008

Cell Culture plates

New products have been added to our range:

26 October 2007

Cell Culture plates

A new line of products have just been added to our range:
Cell culture microplates